Second Mondays Each Month  |  FREE  |  8 - 9:15 PM

Wisdom Bridge Meditation:

both East and West


We seek to expand our practice of meditation and its role in living religion (wherever you find yourself these days). By embracing both Eastern wisdom and local Christian practice, we hope to experience more love, compassion, and faith. We hold monthly meet-ups to meditate, share, and connect with each other and God.
Time & Location


Second Mondays Each Month


8 - 9:15 PM

Private Location

Bella Vista, AR 72715

About the Event


We meet up, meditate for 20 min, then hear some inspiring wisdom for 20 min, then talk about it together. Our topics often include Jesus, but if you don't believe in that paradigm, the ideas and concepts are easily transferred into whatever system you're jiving with lately.

How do we meditate?

The kind of meditation we join in together shifts occasionally, but usually has an Eastern flavor, stemming from Taoist, Buddhist, or Ayurvedic traditions.

Whether you've been meditating for decades or days (or not at all), you are welcome here.

Whether or not you're "active" or believe in a Christian tradition, you're welcome here.

We only ask that you come as you are, with any honesty and integrity you can muster. And know that we'll most likely talk about Jesus and meditation and oneness!

Your Hosts

Paul Headshot_edited.jpg

Hello! I'm Paul. I'm a therapist and member of the Church of Jesus Christ. I also deeply love Eastern spiritual thought and practice, and I try to utilize that wisdom in my professional work and personal worship. I've enjoyed mindful arts for several years, including as yoga teacher, mindfulness coach, and hypnosis/meditation facilitator. 

I know so many people that feel like their questions and concerns with faith, Church, or culture don't have a place to be accepted in other settings. So, I decided to start this group to make space for 1) holding seemingly contradictory ideas in the same hand, 2) seeking more of the good stuff (truth, that is), and 3) building community for those that are considering meditation as part of their worship or daily well-being.


Namaste, friends. I'm Anna. I'm a teacher and member of the Church of Jesus Christ. Spirituality has always been a vital lens through which I experience the world, and that has led me to explore many different spiritual perspectives - all of which I appreciate! I currently consider myself a Christian-Zen-Naturalist-Flow-Seeker. : ) 


I love community and am excited to explore with this group. Most of my day is spent trying to be a patient and fun human with our three children - a spiritual practice in itself - and on the side I lead yoga/intuitive movement, meditation/guided imagery, and conscious living classes.



8:00     wisdom nugget (assigned speaker presents an enlightening idea)

8:20     group meditation

8:40     discussion and noticings

9:15     depart

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Pricing & Registration:

FREE. This group will always be free. If you're interested in other experiences with me (Paul) or meditation and hypnosis, check out other events and trainings I'm hosting.

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