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Tuesdays, Once or Twice per Month  |  FREE  |  7 - 8:15 PM

Wisdom Bridge Meditation Group:

both East and West


We seek to expand our practice of meditation and its role in spiritual living (wherever you find yourself). By embracing both Eastern wisdom traditions and Western science, we hope to experience more love, compassion, and faith.

We hold semi-monthly meet-ups to meditate, share, and connect with each other.

Time & Location



7 - 8:15 PM

Private Location (address sent after Google Form Registration)

Bella Vista, AR 72715

About the Event


We meet up, share a little about our lives, meditate, hear some food for thought, then work in small groups (if desired). Feel free to come for some or all of it.

Do I need experience with meditation?

Whether you've been meditating for decades or days (or not at all), you are welcome here.

Your Hosts

Paul Headshot_edited.jpg

Hello! I'm Paul. I'm a therapist and lover of Eastern spiritual thought and practice, and I try to bring that wisdom into my professional work and personal life. I've enjoyed mindful practices for several years, including as yoga teacher, hypnotherapist, and meditator. I'm not a transmitted teacher of any lineage, and I offer this meetup space only to practice and connect with others, not as an established teacher.

I know many people who don't have a place to unfold or develop in their current circles. So, we decided to start this group to make space for 1) holding seemingly contradictory ideas in the same hand, 2) letting new ways of being emerge and develop, and 3) building community for those that are considering meditation as part of their spiritual or daily well-being.


Namaste, friends. I'm Anna. Spirituality has always been a vital lens through which I experience the world, and that has led me to explore many different spiritual perspectives - all of which I appreciate! I currently consider myself a Christian-Zen-Naturalist-Flow-Seeker. : ) 


I love community and am excited to explore with this group. Most of my day is spent trying to be a patient and fun human with our three children - a spiritual practice in itself - and on the side I lead yoga/intuitive movement, meditation/guided imagery, and feminine embodiment coaching.


Registration and Newsletter

Please register by filling out this form. We will send you a reminder and address before each event.

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