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Many people wonder if a Marriage and Family Therapist sees individuals. I do. You are in the right place!


But I see them differently than other professionals might...


I see your symptoms as manifestations of the bigger-than-you snapshot of your life. Depression, anxiety, grief, anger, sleep troubles, etc. make perfect sense when more of the contextual picture is painted.

I certainly don't think you're crazy. Your circumstance isn't weird or unsettling or any of that, to me. Usually, you are doing what makes sense in the moment but cannot seem to shift some piece of your experience.

That's where counseling can be useful. I make it my business to be an expert on change, and how we get your life where you want it. I'm respectful, professional, attentive, and will do my best to get you where you want to be, using strengths and resources you might already have in your life.

Some individual clients come in for 3-5 sessions and are done. Some end up staying longer. However long you need or like, I hope to make it worthwhile.

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