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& Trance

The kind of hypnosis that I practice is gentle, non-intrusive, and unifying. In short, it's a subtle shift in the relationship between you and the outside world, you and me, and you and yourself. It involves a softening of the inner "voice" in our head that narrates and guides our thoughts and focus to allow more space for the body experience to join the mind experience. Here's a wonderful, more in-depth description by the man who trained me, if interested.

My clients have described hypnosis as a new, pleasant, insightful way of approaching their problems. It's a researched, professional way that many therapists and doctors use for a variety of purposes. When done skillfully, I believe it can open doors to change that are often harder to open in a standard talk therapy session.

Hypnosis can't reprogram you to suddenly have different desires, habits, and characteristics. However, it is often effective at:

-changing how you experience a circumstance (such as pain or chemotherapy)

-helping you feel that you now have a choice (instead of automatically lighting a cigarette as usual)

-and shifting involuntary processes (voices in your head, twitches, physiological stress and anxiety responses).

If you have any interest, please contact me about what hypnosis is like, whether it is something that could be useful in your situation, or how my approach is similar and different from others. I'm happy to demystify it! In my experience, it's been a wonderful personal practice as well as clinical tool.

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