My office is nestled within:

Ozark Integrative Health

701 NW McNelly Rd Suite 9 

Bentonville, Arkansas 72712


I see clients from all over Northwest Arkansas.

Fill out the contact form to get in touch; I'll respond within 24 hours.


I'm happy to do a free phone consultation to answer questions and see if we are a good fit for each other.



Right now, I do not accept insurance. I bill on a sliding scale fee based on household income.


I realize that session fees are generally expensive, so please reach out if you are in a unique circumstance and we can find an agreement or alternative resources. I am more than happy to dialogue about it and consider the billing conversation an essential part of a meaningful, professional therapeutic relationship.

Annual Income                Rate (60 min)

$150,001 + up             $130

$132,001 - $150,000    $120

$114,001 - $132,000    $110

$96,001 - $114,000      $100

$80,001 - $96,000        $90

$64,001 - $80,000        $80

$45,001 - $64,000        $70

under $45,000             $60

If you have a special billing circumstance, please reach out and we can decide together the best way to move forward.


I searched my zip code in Bella Vista and the surrounding areas on, one of the most common online therapist locators. I found 15 therapists listed in my area that had similar credentials to mine (Master's in Family Therapy, Social Work, or Professional Counseling and licensed under one of those titles). Only 9 of those therapists had their session costs listed, some of which accepted insurance, and some of which were on sliding scales—for those I took the middle price.


When I averaged all 9 therapists' rates, I got $131 per 50-minute session. When I was deciding how to set my prices, I wanted to be reasonable, yet charge something representative of both my profession and my training. Since I run on a  60-minute session schedule, I decided to set $130 for my high end and work down from there. To me, this feels reasonable to both my clients and professional pursuits.

Needless to say, I take my clients' time very seriously. Therapy can be expensive, and we'll only do what we think will be the quickest, most impactful way to bring about change.