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Sunday, March 20th, 2022  |  Tanyard Creek Park—Bella Vista, Arkansas

 Spring Equinox

Community Drum Circle

Led by Paul and Anna Peterson

drum cirle.jpeg

Price: FREE

When: Sunday,  March 20th, 2022, 4 - 5 PM

Where: Tanyard Creek Park, Bella Vista

(Please park at the Golf Course Driving Range just down the road.)

Bring your own drum and blanket to sit on, if possible!

Celebrate the Spring Equinox and circle round with us. Experience a rhythmic meditative flow state facilitated by one of humankind's oldest trance traditions. Paul and Anna have backgrounds in music, expressive arts education, therapy, hypnosis, yoga, and meditation, and they love a good drum circle.


You're in for free! See you soon.

“I always giggle when someone tells me they can’t drum – I say to them, “of course you know how to drum... the very first sound you ever heard was your own mother’s heartbeat when you were inside her womb... drumming, drumming and drumming... You know how to drum!”

– Carol Weaver

“One of the most powerful aspects of drumming and the reason people have done it since the beginning of being human is that it changes people's consciousness. Through rhythmic repetition of ritual sounds, the body, the brain and the nervous system are energized and transformed. When a group of people play a rhythm for an extended period of time, their brain waves become entrained to the rhythm and they have a shared brain wave state. The longer the drumming goes on, the more powerful the entrainment becomes. It's really the oldest holy communion.”

– Layne Redmond

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