I work in Bella Vista and Bentonville, Arkansas, and usually see clients from all over Northwest Arkansas.

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Paul W. Peterson

Therapy & Hypnosis

Individual sessions range

from 30-190 minutes for a

variety of issues.

I use a systemic approach to contextualize an issue beyond the behavior itself.

I often provide hypnosis as a way to help clients become more in tune with themselves and the ways change will occur.

I regularly collaborate with other professionals to train groups in meditation, hypnosis, or sexuality.

My Approach

I am trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, which means I think systemically and relationally. I also work under a brief model, often seeing clients for 3-12 sessions, so you can go live your life without therapy! Some people want or need to meet longer, and that's fine too.

I highlight your strengths, work in collaboration with you on goals and progress, and trust you as an expert on your experience of the world. (And I'll be the expert in facilitating the change you desire.)

About me

I'm a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in Arkansas, and I try to think clearly and deeply about how humans change.

Professionally, I've published in a national research journal (JMFT) and been accepted to present research at national therapy conferences (NCFR & AAMFT).

Getting Help

Because I focus on the process of lasting, meaningful change, I'm often useful with a variety of problems. Below are some of the most common topics that people come to me with:


Anxiety & Depression





Habits &



Teens &


Aches &