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Paul W. Peterson  |  Clinical Hypnosis & Counseling Bentonville

Tired of your problems getting the best of you?

Nearly all of my clients end up cancelling their next session unexpectedly because:

 "Paul, it's fixed!"

And that's the way it's supposed to be:

Get in. Get out. Go live your life.

Invest in YOUAnd reap the rewards.

Whether you just need two sessions and

"it's fixed" or you come back again after all hell breaks loose at work, we'll take care of you.

see what others are saying

"It's like hacking your back-end programming system."

Bentonville finally has access to clinical hypnosis!


You can stop those old patterns, feel your old self come online, and see the world in color again. Let's do a free consultation and see what you think...


701 NW McNelly Rd, Suite 9

Bentonville, AR



Phone (my personal cell):




You can perform much better.

Trust a licensed professional, and FIX IT.

I'm a licensed therapist in the state of Arkansas with advanced training in hypnosis.

"Results for

stuck individuals in Bentonville, Arkansas"

[Real client-reported data]

You know you can do better than this! You can change your habits and find your way again. And...

we can help.

Bentonville Hypnosis



(we don't blame you...)

Proven Results

Rapid Change


top line: client rating my work that day

bottom line: client self report of well-being (aggregated over individual, interpersonal, social, and overall)

Bentonville Hypnosis
Bentonville Hypnosis
Bentonville Hypnosis
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