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Fri - Sat, Jan 6th - 7th, 2023  |  Private Location—Bella Vista, Arkansas

Emotional Freedom:

New Year's Meditation Retreat

Come enjoy the gift of stillness and community as we facilitate group and individual meditation. This can enrich both beginners, who haven't meditated formally, as well as seasoned practitioners, who want another chance to practice in community.
Time & Location


Friday, Jan 6  |  4 - 8 PM

Saturday, Jan 7  |  8 AM - 4 PM

Friday Dinner and Saturday Lunch Provided

Private Location

Bella Vista, AR 72715

(Address sent after registration)

About the Event

Meditation Facilitators

Anna Peterson, being of light embodied

also, Embodied Arts Group Facilitator, Embodiment Coach


Most of my day is spent trying to be a patient and fun human with our three children—a spiritual practice in itself—and being outside in Mama Nature as much as possible. I lead yoga and intuitive movement, meditation/guided imagery, song and drum circles, and conscious living classes. I am currently completing training in Feminine Embodiment Coaching.

Paul Headshot_edited.jpg

Paul Peterson, LMFT, LPC

I'm a resident of Bella Vista and run my local practice in North Bentonville. I have enjoyed mindful practices for several years, including as yoga teacher, mindfulness coach, and hypnosis/meditation facilitator.


We are excited to offer you some retreat from (and new engagement with) the whirlwind of life!

This 12-hr retreat is open to the public and to helping professionals. We will be guiding you both as a group and individually through a few fundamental meditation practices that often result in emotional freedom, clarity, and processing.

Many people find that their emotions are unmanageable and would like a system for relief. But, when they try meditation for relief on their own, it is unsuccessful. The benefit of a retreat setting like this is in-the-moment feedback, focused and guided sessions, and several repetitions of diving into a "meditative state" and back out. In addition, it allows more practice at maintaining Presence out of formal meditation sits. We've found that this way of learning yields much greater rewards for our clients and provides something they can actually return to on their own after leaving.

We are informed by teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Shinzen Young, Tara Brach, Douglas Flemons, John Kesler, Joseph Goldstein, Sam Harris, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Cynthia Bourgeault, and Rupert Spira.


All levels of experience (or non experience) are welcome to come. 

When you attend, you can expect:

  • A beautiful environment devoid of the hustle of life

  • Comfortable seating and smells

  • Smiling faces, frustrated faces, and peaceful faces—all welcome

  • A tight-knit group of participants

  • Yummy meals

  • Group meditation

  • Personal meditation

  • Q/A on improving your experience and direct, facilitated feedback

  • Material for further reading and practice


Dinner Friday night and Lunch Saturday are included in the retreat price. These meals are sourced from a local restaurant and include vegetarian, balanced dishes. If you have dietary restrictions or preferences, please let us know.





4:00     opening meditation, group greeting, retreat overview & practice

6:00     dinner

7:00     group discussion & practice

8:00     break for the evening


8:00     group & individual practice, discussion

12:00   lunch

1:00     group & individual practice, discussion

4:00     closing & departure

Pricing & Registration:

We are renting an Airbnb for this retreat. As such, there are three bedrooms available. They will be first-come, first-serve. You may decide to stay overnight onsite for a fuller retreat experience, and there will be food stocked for your breakfast in the morning. There is a hot tub at this Airbnb for your use.

LODGING PAYMENT NOT REQUIRED. Feel free to return home Friday night and simply pay for retreat registration.

(Note: You don't need a PayPal account to pay. After clicking "Register Now," select the yellow PayPal Checkout button and scroll past the login info to the gray box with "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" and select it. It will then ask for card info.)

If you have special billing circumstances or questions, or would like to apply for a need-based scholarship, please contact us via the form below.

Couples Discount
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