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Parenting has always been tough, and can be especially tough with today's complexities.

I frequently offer local and long-distance workshops, consultations, and coaching opportunities for those wanting to hone in on a specific parenting issue, discover how to help a wandering child, or even undertake a complete overhaul on the what, how, and why of effective parenting. I don't have a specific agenda for your parenting, but will take what you do well naturally (you might be doing better than you think!) and continue to add to your tool box until you get where you'd like to be.

I've worked with large (7+) and small (3 or less) family issues; old and new families; blending, transitioning, and separating family challenges; as well as special transition moments for aging parents, such as how to parent, get help for, or strengthen relationships with adult children.

Feel free to contact me via the form below and include your interest in parenting in the message line.

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