I work in Bella Vista and Bentonville, Arkansas, and usually see clients from all over Northwest Arkansas.

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My Approach

I'm trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, meaning that I think about problems relationally. In short, my approach is usually:

+Systemic (the problem is influenced by many contextual factors at once)


+Non-pathologizing (I don't think you're crazy)

+Strength- and potential-oriented


+Collaborative (we work together at each step)

Many psychotherapists and medical professionals look to see what's wrong inside you—maybe you're deficient here or there or something in your childhood jumbled up your insides. While I do love good contextual information about your problem (sometimes including your past), I am usually interested in other factors in the system you inhabit—culturally, religiously, personally, etc.—as well as the unique pattern that keeps the problem in place. In this sense, I don't believe that problems are "inside you" and need to be fixed, but rather that things are tangled "between" you and some other thing. In other words, the problem thrives in a relationship, perhaps between you and someone else, you and yourself, and you and an expectation, desire, or difficulty.

To approach change, I first gather lots of information about the patterns you experience in relation to your problem and what you'd like to be different. Then, we engage in therapeutic conversations, activities, and/or hypnosis to change the circumstance or your experience of it. Since change is constant, we can attend to it in a certain, intentional way, and let it happen in a way that allows you to find a more pleasant way for you to be you.