Fri, October 4  |  Private Lake Retreat—Bella Vista, Arkansas

Self-Care Through Meditation: 

3-hr Lake Retreat


Come enjoy the gift of stillness as we facilitate group and individual meditation. This can enrich both beginners, who "don't know" how to meditate, as well as experts, who hope to stay in a place of "not knowing."
Time & Location


Friday, October 4th

2 PM - 5 PM (or 6 PM if you stay for dinner)

Private Location

Lake Windsor

Bella Vista, AR 72715

(Address sent after registration)

About the Event

Meditation Teachers

Jordan Harris, PhD, has been a student of meditation since 2013 after learning about meditation and self hypnosis and uses both for his own growth and healing. Currently, in addition to teaching and being a member of AAMFT, he is a mentor with the Minority Fellowship Program and maintains a private practice where he uses Ericksonian and Relational Approaches to Hypnosis.


He also conducts various workshops and seminars in suicide and hypnosis. When he's not working he enjoys long walks with his wife and watching his son laugh. 

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Paul Peterson, LAMFT, is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). Professionally, he's published in a national research journal (JMFT) and been accepted to present research at national therapy conferences (NCFR & AAMFT).

He recently moved to Northwest Arkansas to start his private practice. He has enjoyed mindful arts for several years, including as yoga teacher, mindfulness coach, and hypnosis/meditation facilitator.


We, Jordan and Paul, are excited to offer you some relaxation and retreat from the whirlwind of life!

This 3-hour retreat is open to the public and to helping professionals. We will be guiding you both as a group and individually through some of the most impactful meditation practices we've encountered over the years, with a focus on Connirae Andreas' Wholeness Process, a beautiful practice of finding oneness.

Many people find that simple phrases like "Clear your mind" or "Let it be" don't really work for them when learning to meditate. The benefit of a retreat setting like this is in-the-moment feedback, focused and guided sessions, and several repetitions of diving into a meditative state and back out. We've found that this way of learning yields much greater rewards for our clients and provides something they can actually return to on their own after leaving.

The benefits of meditation are better experienced than explained, but if you want a yummy list to get you going, check out this Psychology Today article. If you want your life, relationship, work productivity, or ability to parent a challenging child to improve, you might like meditation! (And this retreat.)

All levels of meditators (or not meditators) are welcome to come. 

When you attend, you can expect:

  • A beautiful environment devoid of the hustle of life

  • Comfortable seating and smells

  • Smiling faces, worn-out faces, and peaceful faces—all welcome

  • A tight-knit group of participants

  • Group meditation

  • Personal meditation

  • Q/A on improving your experience and direct, facilitated feedback

  • Material for further reading and practice

Dinner Option

Seasonal Bowl of Soup with homemade Rosemary Artisan Sourdough Bread (see price below). Please reach out if you have specific dietary preferences.




2:00     check in and nesting (get comfy in your space)

2:10     group meditation

2:30     discussion and noticings

2:50     small group meditation

3:20     short break

3:30     group Q/A, demos

4:00     group meditation

4:30     noticings

4:40     group meditation/nap :)

5:00     depart


5:00     optional Wim Hof breathing session

5:20     dinner (see price), chatting, and connecting

6:00     finish

Pricing & Registration:

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